Explore the GoToMeeting Control Panel

Mute and unmute yourself using the Audio button in the Grab Tab or in the Audio pane of the Control Panel. Learn more.
  • Change your audio mode, check your mic and and speaker levels or view the dial-in phone numbers by expanding the Audio pane. Learn more.
  • Mute and unmute individual participants in your meeting by clicking the Audio icons next to their name in the Attendee pane.
  • Mute or unmute everyone at once using the Mute All or Unmute All options at the bottom. Learn more.
  • Invite other people to join your meeting using the Invite icon in the Attendees pane.
  • A new window will open with a Join URL and instructions that you can copy/paste and send to others. Learn more.
  • See all participants in your session (including their audio and webcam status) by expanding the Attendees pane.
  • Use the Arrow icon next to each individual to see the options that are available to you, including muting their audio, promoting them to co-organizer, or making them the new presenter. Learn more.
  • Instantly start, pause or stop sharing your webcam using the Webcam button in the Grab Tab or the Webcam pane of the Control Panel.
  • To preview your webcam feed or access more settings, expand the Webcam pane in the Control Panel. Learn more.
  • Use the Screen button to quickly start and stop sharing the screen of your main monitor with other attendees.
  • To share something different, give others keyboard/mouse control, or change presenters, expand the Share Sharing pane in the Control Panel. Learn more.
  • Record a meeting, pause the recording or stop it at any time by clicking Record this meeting at the bottom of the Control panel.
  • Once the session is over, you'll automatically be prompted to convert the recording to a shareable format using the Recording Manager.
  • Use the Chat pane to exchange private or public messages with other attendees. You can select your recipients using the "To" drop-down menu. Learn more.
  • You'll see message notifications appear in the Grab Tab if your Control Panel is minimized.
  • Save space on your screen by collapsing the Control Panel into the Grab Tab using the Arrow icons. Learn more.
  • Retain easy access to the Audio, Screen and Webcam buttons directly from the Grab Tab, and even expand the Chat or Attendees panes by clicking the icons.